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Connecting Women







Monthly masterclass: marketing + digital + growth


Collaborate + be inspired other women in business 


Speed-networking to connect + network with like-minded women

Why Growth CoLab?

Women charge less than men for their services and can hold themselves back from celebrating successes and shouting out loud about why they’re fabulous.

There's a pay gap, wealth gap, housework gap, childcare gap, investments gap ... too many gaps. That's why we created Growth CoLab – to mind the gap!

But just as important is needing to be around people because let's face it running your own business can be lonely.


  • Finding new opportunities for growth
  • Nailing your customer journey
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Increasing the value of your customers
  • Understanding digital
  • Getting more leads
  • Converting more leads into paying customers
  • Getting more referrals, reviews + testimonials
  • so much more!


⚡️Grow Your Business: Monthly business masterclass

⚡️Get Connected: Monthly speed networking 

⚡️Collaborate: Online members directory

⚡️Be Inspired: We're here to support + inspire each other

⚡️Have Fun: We believe that work should bring you joy


Everyone is saying it's a game-changer

Join an enriching + supportive network of women in business – we’ve got each other’s back and we want the best for each other.

Connect with like-minded, inspiring women 

Learn about digital + marketing + business growth

Share ideas + insights for growth

You can also pause or cancel at any time.

Laura Perkes, Founder, PR with Perkes 


I joined Growth CoLab as it sounded like the solution I was looking for, that I’ve never found in traditional networking groups. I love that it's held outside of social media.

I respect and admire the other women in the group and the diversity that they bring, in terms of life skills and business acumen.

Emmie & Debbie have curated a really fun, highly engaging way of bringing together talented, aligned businesswomen who meet you where you are without judgment.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a room on Clubhouse with both Emmie & Debbie and knew that they’d put the same energy and fun/laughter into Growth CoLab too.

Joining was one of the best investments I’ve made this year.

Lottie Evitt, Lottie Evitt Communications


One of the best decisions I made when I launched my own Communications Consultancy in January 2021, was to join Growth CoLab. Meeting Emmie and the other members of the group has proved to be invaluable in terms of the supportive community it provides as well as bringing me the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects. It’s been amazing to be connected with a group of such inspiring women business owners.

I look forward to the monthly group calls and networking virtual events and can’t wait to see what GCL has in store in the future.

Georgina Fradgley, Founder, Copycopia


Being connected to so many driven women in the Growth CoLab has deepened my knowledge of running a business – everyone is keen to share experiences and advice.

Since joining in January, I've collaborated with, bought from and referred trusted fellow members, and our discussions helped me reconsider my fees to reflect the value and editorial expertise I offer my clients.

Each month's masterclass is motivating and brings us all a hefty dose of focus and accountability!

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